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The Five Seals Series is a light novel series about the world of Clock, a dimension that links all worlds together. The focus is on the legend of "Mr. Mystery", an evil demon said to kidnap people and steal their identities, replacing them. According to the legend, he should never meet up with the legendary goddess "Symphony", because he'll surely kill her. But what if "Mr. Mystery" is actually a very nice person who would sacrifice himself for others, who can't be with his beloved person because the Clock Gods decided to punish him for being "evil", with a loop of endless pain and suffering?
Hiyori Kamiri, Haruka Shirogane and Chie Kamiri are three outcasts from the Clock Dimension, Gods who can't be seen by anyone, with big responsabilities, and yet who are treated like stepping stones by the others. It all started with Hiyori's wish for love, when she began to realize Haruka and Chie are hiding something very big from her...
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  • The fourth chapter of the My Only Wish Light Novel was released!
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